TJEd 2013 Back-to-School Event

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This is the education event of the summer!

The world has changed drastically since 2008, we now live in a new economy, and everyone who understands the 8 Keys of Great Teaching can boost their educational system to a whole new level using the 9th Key. 

Everyone who enrolls in this event will receive the following audio Workshops:


The 9th Key of TJEd, by Oliver DeMille

The 7 Keys of Great Teaching are revolutionizing education wherever they are applied. The 8th Key brings balance and grounding to the mix.
In this time of challenges and opportunities, Oliver DeMille presents The 9th Key, which elevates the 8 Keys to a formula to not only bring excellence, relevance and purpose to education, but also to elevate the process to an expression of personal mission!  This audio presentation has only been delivered twice, once in Southern California and once in Salt Lake City. [52 minutes]


How to Apply the 9th Key, by Oliver DeMille

Oliver takes the grand scope of the 9th Key and brings it into focus with 9 ways to apply it. This is brand new presentation has never been delivered before, and gets into the specifics of how to implement the 9th Key!  Don’t miss this incredibly important material. Just in time for this school year! [57 minutes]


A Fresh Start, by Rachel DeMille

Are you new to TJEd -- or a veteran who’s ready for a new beginning this Fall? You’ve got questions: “Where do I begin? What do I need? How do I start?” Rachel DeMille’s easy, personal style will inspire confidence as she gives practical suggestions for what you do and don’t need, how to organize your space and time, when to say, “No” and “Yes”, how to connect with others who synergize with your goals, where to focus your energies – depending on your style and your students’ needs, and how to stay on top of your game so your family and/or classroom is progressing well along the path of Leadership Education. [~1 hour]


Free Bonus Audio:

Teaching How to Think, by Oliver DeMille

Audio presentation, and accompanying PDF handout from session one of last year’s popular “How to Mentor” course: Beginning with the End in mind * How to teach how to think * Inspiration, transformation, memorization * How to find your “bored” or “frustrated” youth saying, “I am so smart!  I love this!”* Bridging the Gap * The “Cards” * Is this the year? * 19yo daughter Sara DeMille submits to an impromptu oral exam * Don’t waste face-to-face! * Do or know? (The answer may surprise you!) * [1 hour 39 minutes]


This Online Convention will be delivered on August 21, just in time to gear up for a great school year!

Cost: $19 per family. Both parents and teen youth are invited at this one family price.

The audios will be sent to your email, so you can download and listen to them as many times as you want.


How to Register

To register for this course, click the Register Now button, and upon completion of your transaction please confirm your request to join the class by clicking a link in the email you will receive.


IMPORTANT: You must confirm via the link in your email in order to receive the course materials. If you don’t see that email within an hour after completing your transaction, please contact us here!

If the address on your paypal account will not work for receiving the course materials, please contact us to request that we add your alternate address to the class list. Please include in your message both the email address for your paypal, and the address you want us to use to contact you.



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