Mentoring in the Classics

Oliver DeMille
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Audio (MP3) & E-book (PDF)

This new offering is ideal for adults, youth, parents, book groups, Commonwealths, teacher training – anyone who’s ready to experience the classics with master mentor Oliver DeMille as your guide!

Our goal with this product is to help as many people as possible to get into the classics. See below for our special Pre-launch Discount for our loyal TJEd friends – and their price doesn’t go up!*


How does it work?

Each month, mentoring will focus on one title from the schedule (see below).

At the beginning of the month you will receive:

  • Introduction to the work in a downloadable mp3 audio by Oliver DeMille
  • A PDF downloadable Study Guide with recommended resources, additional readings, discussion questions, etc.

Around the middle of the month you will receive:

  • Downloadable mp3 audio debriefing after the discussion (including answers to questions from the online discussion) by Oliver DeMille (you can listen to these audios at your convenience)


  • Moderated online support and discussion
  • Support for local discussion groups in your area

Other details:

  • On months when there is a longer/weightier title on the schedule, the preceding and following titles will be less demanding – to ensure that you have time to experience it well.
  • Titles are selected from multiple genres to help give you exposure to and experience with a variety of “types” of classic works – to expand your repertoire and your facility with the language of the classics.
  • If you’ve already “done” a title on the schedule – Good! You’ll get even more out of it with multiple times through; that’s the best part of learning from the classics!

What does it cost?

*Our special pre-launch pricing of $10/month is way, way below what it would typically cost for this service. We want to make it so that finances are not an issue, and hope to make it easy for all families and teachers who want Mentoring in the Classics with Oliver DeMille!

After January 31, 2014 the cost will increase to $20 per month for new subscribers (those already registered will remain at $10/month for as long as their subscription is active.)

Special pre-launch pricing for book discussion groups (up to 10 participants) is $50, increasing to $100 after 1/31/14. (For other pricing questions, please contact us by responding to us here.)


2014 Schedule:

[Click here for a more in-depth presentation of the reading list >>]

**This sentimental favorite was selected to facilitate meaningful family reading during the holidays!

Expand your mind • Learn “in the flow” • Increase your epiphanal rate!


The 7th Key of Great Teaching is “You, not Them.” Come fill your bucket so you can Inspire, not Require!

Start your subscription right away for Mentoring the Classics, and get half price off your tuition!


Product Details:

Please watch for the email requesting you click the link to opt in to the course email list! If your paypal email address is different than the one you’ll want to use for course mailings, please notify us here.

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