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A 7-week course taught by Oliver DeMille
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You know you’ve been wishing for something like this!
We heard you.

You’re a good mentor, but you’ve been stressing. You’ve been wishing. You’ve been trying not to get frustrated with what might have been, what could be, if you were only a better mentor.

You worry about your kids not being ready for college. You worry that you’re not very good at making the most of great opportunities like discussions and simulations.

You’re tempted to push, assign, delegate or ignore. Sometimes you wonder if you’re really up to this! If only you knew what great mentors know!!!

Well, now you can.

Mentoring is vital for education. Good mentors lead to good education, and great mentors to great education.

This class is a practical, hands-on course on how to be a great mentor.

Veteran mentors as well as new mentors–and everyone in between–will see their mentoring significantly improve by completing this exciting class taught by Oliver DeMille.

Course Outline:

Week 1: How to Teach How to Think!
Week 2: How to Teach How to Think II, How to Run Transformational Colloquia
Week 3: How to Run, Teach and Debrief Fantastic Simulations
Week 4: How to Teach and Mentor Writing, Part I
Week 5: How to Teach and Mentor Writing, Part II
Week 6: How to Teach and Mentor How to Think, Part III!
Week 7: How to Teach and Mentor Math Excellence the Leadership Education Way

How it Works

Each week of for the duration of the course, you will receive an (approximately 90 minutes) audio of Oliver’s instruction, with a corresponding class handout–both delivered directly to you via email. Enrichment activities will be suggested and ideas for writing, discussion and application will follow each class period.

How to Register

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