7 Keys Certification IV

for Parents, Teachers, Mentors, Administrators, Educators
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Audio (MP3) & E-book (PDF)

Basic Training IV

  •  “Mentoring the Quadrants” audio mp3 by Oliver DeMille
  •  “The Four Lost American Ideals” audio mp3 by Oliver DeMille
  •  “The Best Math Curriculum” from the TJEd Curriculum
  •  DeMille, 19 Apps: Leadership Education for College Students (ebook)
  •   DeMille and Jeppson, A Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion
  •  Lewis, “The Inner Ring”
  •  Lewis, The Abolition of Man*
  •  Shakespeare, Two Gentlemen of Verona*
  •  L’Amour, The Lonesome Gods*
  •  Hugo, Les Miserables*
  • Level IV Study Guide by Rachel DeMille

7 Keys Certification Overview (PDF)

*Not included with purchase. Please check your bookstore or local library for these titles.

Product Details:

Includes "Mentoring the Quadrants" mp3, "The Four Lost American Ideals" mp3, "The Best Math Curriculum" pdf, "19 Apps" pdf, "A Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion" pdf.

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