7 Keys Certification I

for Parents, Teachers, Mentors, Administrators, Educators
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Audio (MP3) & E-book (PDF)

 7 Keys Certification Overview (PDF)

Basic Training I:

  •  "7 Keys Level 1 Study Guide" pdf
  • “The Foundations of Great Education” mp3
  •  “The 7 Keys of Great Teaching and the Phases of Learning” mp3
  •  “Introduction to Little Britches, Laddie, and A Thomas Jefferson Education” mp3
  •  DeMille, A Thomas Jefferson Education*
  •  Moody, Little Britches*
  •  Stratton-Porter, Laddie*

*This title not included with purchase of training. Check your local library, or use the link to amazon provided for your convenience. Purchases originating from these links help support TJEd.


Product Details:

Your purchase includes "The Level I Study Guide" pdf by Rachel DeMille, "The Foundations of Great Education" mp3 by Oliver DeMille, "The 7 Keys of Great Teaching and the Phases of Learning" mp3 by Oliver DeMille, and "Introduction to Little Britches, Laddie, and A Thomas Jefferson Education" mp3 by Oliver DeMille. You will also receive an overview document for all 4 levels. Not included with this purchase: A Thomas Jefferson Education, Little Britches; Laddie.

Customer Reviews

Wed, 03/27/2013 - 7:56pm
I'm thankful to receive all these items and study guide together. What a treasure! There is a great overview of what Leadership Education is all about and how to get started. Plus, new ideas for those of us who have been studying TJED/Leadership Education for a while. Thanks for this new certification. I think it will be a great way to learn and gain better levels of understanding. I'm only half way through but already the study guide is helping me to think on a deeper level about my own education and ways I can help my family.

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