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How to Read Like a Top Leader
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The LIFE Leadership Essentials Series presents: Turn the Page: How to Read Like a Top Leader.

You will learn the difference between how most people read and how top leaders approach books. There are so many different ways you can go about reading a book. Discover the concept of reading in order to learn what you need to know, do, or feel, regardless of the author’s intent or words.

Look past the words and read with the specific intent of finding TRUTH and applying it directly into your own life. Now it is YOUR time to Turn the Page and read like a leader.

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Part I: Reading is Action

1. Write in Your Books
2. Start with a Question
3. Begin with a Plan
4. Be Open
5. Argue with the Author
6. Argue with Yourself
7. Read Several Books at Once

Part II: Read the Greats

8. Read Great Books
9. Keep Good Company
10. Variety is the Spice
11. Study Books Like an Artist
12. Read Anywhere
13. Make and Grow Your List
14. Get to Know Your Books
15. Bookstore Perusals

Part III: Leaders are Readers

16. Love Learning
17. "Hate" What You Read
18. Heal Broken Stories
19. Look for Mentors in Books
20. Words, Words!
21. Look for Mystery
22. Read Aloud
23. Read and Reread
24. Sticky Notes and Dog-Ears
25. Bundling
26. Go Great or Go Home
27. Building a Personal Library

Epilogue: End with a Better Plan


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