Hero Education

A Scholar Phase Guidebook for Teens, Parents and Mentors
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Let’s just be honest. If your children don’t get a Scholar Phase, they don’t get a great education. You settle for something less. Something… more mediocre. They were meant for something better. They need a Scholar Phase. [scroll for more]

Mission Match

Scholar Phase primes them for their mission in life. It prepares them to share their unique gifts and their true self with the world. It matches them with their greatest life purpose.


This is the education of heroes. Such an education equips our youth for the greatness they were meant to bring to the world. Doing what they were born to do. Improving the world in ways only they can.

It’s time for them to find their greatness, and prepare to take it to the world. Help them get…


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Chapter Outline: 


Note to Readers * What is Hero Education?

BOOK ONE: Foundation for Success

Introduction: The 9 Skills

What is Scholar Phase? * Falling Grades * Facing Reality

Chapter 1: The Keystone

The Right Kind of Education * People Are Noticing * Prior to the Teenage Years * A Change is Necessary * Moving on from the 1960s * Learning Over Schooling * Go Great

Chapter 2: The Discussion Method

Read Like a Billionaire * Read and Discuss * Discussions with You * Increased Value * A Big Upgrade * Discussions with Peers * Exponential Learning * A Better Way * Mix and Match * Discussions with Mentors * A Challenge * [Spoiler Alert] * Real Reading * When the Student is Ready * Putting it All Together * A Secret

Chapter 3: The Mini-Workshop

Workshop #1: Answer the Alice in Wonderland Questions * Workshop #2: Reading the Little Things * Workshop #3: The Tiny Switch * Workshop #4: Learn About Phantom Tollbooth-Style Questions * Workshop #5: The important Thing is to be a Great Reader * Why it Matters

BOOK TWO : "Lights, Camera, Action!"

Chapter 4: The Practice Year

The Map * Year 1 * The First Step * The Second Step * The Third Step * Especially for Parents

Chapter 5: Year One

Keep Reading * Many Months * Communication Matters * To Parents (and other Mentors) * Sample Reading Lists * Time to Choose * Keep on Reading

Chapter 6: Year Two

The Big List * Optional Reads

Chapter 7: Year Three

The Power of a Mom School (or a Dad School) * Details of The Class * Week 1 (2 hour class) * Week 2 (2 hour class) * Week 3 (3 hour class) * Week 4 (3 hour class) * Week 5 (3 hour class) * Weeks 6-12 (3 hours each) * Overall Class Plan * Intense Reading Rules!

Chapter 8: Year Four

The Cards * Next Level * Test Prep * Timing for Parents (and Mentors)

BOOK THREE: Impact on Society

Chapter 9: The Multiple-Choice Test

Culture Shock * A Test for All * The Huge Problem with Multiple-Choice Exams * Point #1 * Point #2 * Point #3  The Hidden Code * The Fallout * Accuracy and Reality * Schools and Tests that Cause Decline * The Second Reason! * Thinking vs. Rote * Postscript: The Cards 2.0

Chapter 10: Virgil's Prophetic Message for Today's Parents and Youth

Four Kinds of Education * The Current Battle for Education and for Our Future * The Consequences * Take Action

Hero Eduction Resources

Scholar Phase for Adults


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