3 Choices to Reclaim America’s Destiny
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Americans who are so demonstrably willing to labor and sacrifice for the benefit of their posterity can only allow the destruction of the forms that protect our freedoms if they do not understand what freedom is, nor how to maintain it. A FreedomShift is needed today; and to accomplish it, Oliver DeMille proposes The 3 Choices to Reclaim America’s Destiny. (Scroll down the page for a Chapter Outline)

Can it be possible that such a peaceful revolution can be accomplished by three simple choices made by a relative few?

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The Center for Social Leadership, 2010; © 2010 by Oliver DeMille
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Choice One: A Revolution of Entrepreneurship

Chapter 1- The Needed Revolution

Human Society through the Ages * Producer versus Employee Society * The Power of Entrepreneurship * The Growing Popularity of Producer Education * Entrepreneurs and Freedom

Chapter 2- Five Types of Producers

1: Gurus * 2: Statesmen * 3-4: Investors and Entrepreneurs * An American, a Frenchman and a Russian * The Employee versus Owner Mindsets * 5: Intrapreneurs * The Synergy of Created Value * Producer Mistake #1: The Generation Gap * Producer Mistake #2: The Blinders * Producer Mistake #3: Arrogance

Chapter 3- Producer Families

The Renaissance of the Family * As the Family Goes, So Goes the Nation * A Disturbing Divergence from the Past * The Potential Tragedy of Lost Opportunities * The Good News * The Little Things That Make a Huge Difference

Chapter 4- How to Become a Producer

Dependents versus Independents * Three Types of Independents * Non-Producer Attempts to Create Producers * The Answer * The Real Point * First, study successful producers. * Second, study what producers study. * Third, find and work with mentors who are successful producers. * Finally: Get Off the Conveyor Belt. * Dead Poet’s Society * The Chemistry of Genius? * Mentoring Matters * Individualization Breeds Innovation

Chapter 5- Hamilton vs. Jefferson

Failed Solutions * Major Challenges * Habits and Complexes * Poor Complexion * The Right Level of Complexity * Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous * Specific Entrepreneurial Challenges

Chapter 6- The Anti-federalists and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs Change the Debate * Anti-federalist Predictions 1 – 6 * Solutions Old and New * We the People * Live Long and Prosper: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Chapter 7- Get Back in Line!

Elementary Culture * High School Culture * College-Corporate Culture * Official Culture * Adult Culture * The Hidden War * No Chewing Gum!

Chapter 8- Robin Hood or Prince John?

What is Socialism? * If It Quacks Like a Duck * Socialism versus Aristocracy * Why the Difference Matters * Virile and Viral

Choice 2: Rise of the Independents

Chapter 9- How to Really Understand the Issues

Pre-modernism and Modernism * Government versus Markets * The Current Debate * The End of Conservative versus Liberal * Postmodernism and Independents * The New Majority * The Issue Behind the Issues * How to See What is Really Happening

Chapter 10- “Mr. Head Democrat” (or Republican)

Three Americas * “Mr. Head Democrat” * Independent Power * A Tipping Point Trend * Investing in the Future * Learning from Both Sides * Winning Elections and Hearts Through Leadership

Chapter 11- A Tale of Two Parties

The Loyal Opposition * Civics 102a * Republicans: The Party of Nixon versus The Party of Reagan * A Bad Day to Be a Populist * Vast Right Wing Conspiracy * Crazy Like a Fox * Riddle: When is a Democracy Not a Democracy? * If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It * Does No Mean Yes? * Democrats: Leftists, Leaders and Special Interests * A Rainbow Fringe * Is That Too Much to Ask? * Capturing the Middle Ground * What They Want * A Tough Sell * American Independents and American Indpendence

Chapter 12- The New Global Elite Class

American Decline * Rediscovering the American Dream * The Effectiveness of Liberty

Chapter 13- The Latch Key Generation and Independents

Three Versions of Management * Management 3.0 * Generations * Independent Philosophy

Chapter 14- Beyond the Vote

Keynesiansim * The End of History * Responses to Being Patronized * The Big Decision

Chapter 15- Winning Elections

Let’s Party! * Party People * Winning Elections

Choice Three: Building and Leading the New Tribes

Chapter 16- Why Tribes are Vital to Success in the 21st Century

Our Tribal Roots * Civics 101 * Freedom at the Local Level

Chapter 17- A Basic Tribal Culture

Pitfalls of National Culture * The Tribal Worldview * The Universe * The Shadow Side * Major Weaknesses of Tribalism * Economic Control * Interpersonal Politics * Class Power * Conformity * Lack of Diversity * Conclusion

Chapter 18- Types of Tribes: Past to Future

Level One Tribes: Everyone Knows Everyone * Level Two Tribes: A Community You Can Count On * Level Three Tribes: Cooperating for a Paycheck * New Tribes: A Fourth Level * The Future of New Tribes

Chapter 19- Tribal vs. National

America’s Societal Evolution * A New Type of Community * Niches * Tribal Power * Lessons of Tribes * Lessons on Happiness

Chapter 20- A Return to Tribal Education

It Takes a Parent * Building Your Community * Filling Your Community With the Tribes You Need * The Deeply Caring Community of New Tribes

Chapter 21- Tribes, Nations, Civilizations and Mega-Cultures

Civilizations * Mega-Cultures * The Diseases * Health Insurance * Leadership in the New Tribes * A Time for Leaders

Chapter 22- The Eight Meanings of Freedom

False Two’s * The Real Divide * Angry and Afraid * Hopeful and Helpful * Eight is Enough * Kindergarten Lessons * The Freedom Tribe * Who Can Stand

Conclusion: A Decision

The Three Choices Have Worked Before * The Value of One Thread


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