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35 Reasons the Classics are the Best Curriculum for Education, Career, Finances, Family, and Life (Audio MP3, 123 minutes)

  • The 3 Great Powers of Highly Successful Homeschool Dads

This powerful message alone is extremely helpful to every father—don’t be without it! It will help you boost the education of your kids to a whole new level of success. Dads who know these 3 Powers operate at a much higher plane than before!

  • The 1 Big Thing That Makes all The Difference—in Less Than 1 Hour a Week

 Do you ever wonder if your kids are caught up or behind in their learning, or struggle with how the flexibility of homeschool is so different than structured grade levels and report cards of the public school system? This seminar bundle will help you know how to clarify when your kids or on track, and how to ensure that you’re doing the right things to help them stay there. This one great key makes all the difference to the quality of your kids’ education.

  • “But it Doesn’t Seem Like They’re Doing Anything!”

How To Tell When Your Kids’ Education Is Flourishing, Even If It Doesn’t Look Like the Conveyor Belt (What to look for, how to know when a homeschool student is getting a great education or not.)

  • Dads as Heroes (and What to Do About It)
  • Goal-Getters and the Path of Success
  • 35 Reasons the Classics are the Best Curriculum for Education, Career, Finances, and Family
  • Help Your Kids Get a Truly Excellent Education, including in Math, Science, and Career Prep
  • What Your Kids Need to Truly Succeed Educationally/What Your Wife Needs to Truly Make it Work!

When Dads know these 4 simple things, homeschools absolutely flourish!

  • Answer Your Real Questions About How a Great Homeschool Works and Dad’s Role in Making it a True Success
  • …and much more


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