Hanging By a Thread

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The Loss of the Constitution, The Future of Freedom, and What to Do About It

A Seminar Taught by Oliver DeMille

The Constitution is truly hanging by a thread. This seminar will teach you exactly how this is true, and what any regular citizen can do about it.

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Seminar Description

For the past century, concerned citizens have watched in distress as the Constitution has been eroded, one crippling amendment, one misguided policy at a time.

The U.S. Constitution is hanging by a thread, and with it the prospects of freedom for the entire world.

This is not just symbolic, but it is also true in a technical sense: Sixteen of the most important basic principles that form the foundation for the Constitution have been lost. Four of these have been lost just since 2009!

At this rate, our freedoms are clearly hanging by a thread.

It is time to answer the call for freedom and take the right actions to save our nation, and with it, the future of freedom. But first we must know what to do — what will be truly effective.

Get this audio seminar to learn:

  • The top 16 ways the Constitution is hanging by a thread.
  • How it is impossible to regain our freedoms, no matter what we do in elections, without taking action to reverse these 16 losses of freedom.
  • Effective, practical and realistic ways regular citizens can restore our Constitution and preserve our freedoms.

The future of freedom hangs in the balance, and now is the time for action!

The History of “Hanging by a Thread”

“Hanging by a thread” is a common phrase in many languages, made popular in Latin by the writings of Cicero. It comes from the story of Damocles, a courtier in the court of King Dionysus II.

The king became upset with Damocles, so he invited him to a banquet. Damocles was seated on a throne, surrounded by great luxury, but a sword was suspended above his head — hanging only by a single thread.

Damocles had a choice: He could either enjoy the luxury he hadn’t earned, knowing that one thread stood between him and death, or he could go out and earn his own prosperity, luxury and freedom. As long as his luxury and position relied on things built by others, his life hung by a thread.

Today most Americans enjoy lives of prosperity and peace, carved out by the sacrifices and works of others — especially past generations. Unless our generation rises up and earns its freedoms and prosperity, the Constitution and our way of life hang by a thread.

The Constitution is hanging by a thread. It’s time to do something about it!

If you care about freedom and the future of America, enroll now! And please make sure everyone you know who cares about the Constitution knows about this hugely important seminar.

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1 hour 40 minutes

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