The Great Depression of 2012

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This presentation was the keynote address for the 2009 TJEd Forum in Salt Lake City, Utah. To browse the dozens of other wonderful audio downloads from TJEd Forums, please visit TJEd Marketplace.

Discover Specific Techniques for Thriving Through Massive Change

The world is shifting in confusing, frustrating, and painful ways. But for those who understand the shift and the new rules, these are invigorating, profitable, and hopeful times.

Digest this 50-minute speech to learn what the new rules are and how to live and leverage them to your advantage.

What Oliver DeMille says about this speech:

“If America is moving into a long-term recession then it is time to start preparing for it in the Leadership Way.

“The greatest classics of depression and rebuilding periods contain the best, most effective, practical lessons for success in difficult times. Yet these aren’t found in any self-help books or articles from the doomsayers or the optimists. I haven’t seen these vitally important concepts taught anywhere else. They are missed even by most of those who have read these books!

“But these forgotten and hidden keys are incredibly helpful. If you are going to ‘live’ during the next seven years of crisis, these keys will make all the difference in your happiness and success.”

Cycles of History

Though we don’t know precisely what the future holds, 3,000 years of recorded history provide a pattern of four specific generational cycles. These cycles are as follows:

  1. Rebuilding
  2. Awakening
  3. Unraveling
  4. Crisis

The bad news is that America has entered the crisis phase. If historical cycles hold true, we’re in for major economic and/or military crisis.

The good news is that real, positive, fundamental, and lasting change occurs during this phase.

The Crisis phase can either engulf and ruin you, or it can uplift and strengthen you. And you can be a linchpin in the rebuilding phase of you understand the rules of each phase.

We need leaders who can assess the new environment and take bold action given the new realities.

Rules & Principles for Success

After detailing the historical cycles, Oliver DeMille then explains the rules to both fail and succeed during each phase of the cycle.

He concludes by presenting 14 specific principles for thriving during the crisis phase, as well as the transition from crisis to rebuilding.

These principles will empower, enlighten, and invigorate you.

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