Core and Love of Learning

A Recipe for Success
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“Core and Love of Learning: A Recipe for Success” is a 5-hour audio series consisting of highlights from a two-day seminar presented by Oliver and Rachel DeMille in 2007.

This mp3 download will help you develop and expand your vision of how the TJEd model can work in your home. Oliver and Rachel’s spontaneous, candid, intimate, touching, humorous and profound commentary on Leadership Education in the home includes:

  • Daily and Weekly Scheduling
  • Organizing Space in your home to support Thomas Jefferson Education
  • What to simplify and what to beef up
  • What to say “No” to, and when to say “Yes”
  • Music and other lessons and how to best integrate them

Highlights include:

  • Which books work best for what ages
  • Organizing a big family with students at different ages and Phases
  • Separating discipline from academics
  • Using outside activities without letting them take over
  • Tips for making mornings work

This unique recording is informal, sensitive and interactive, as Rachel and Oliver share from the heart and dialog about how TJEd works in the home. While the content in this seminar is based on information published in Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning, these excerpts were specifically chosen for audio distribution because they are not available elsewhere in any format; this is a deeper and more detailed presentation with personal anecdotes and insights from the most successful TJEd seminar ever presented.

Please note that the complete list of 55 ingredients is included, with explanations and ideas for implementation, in the book, Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning.

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