Depth Phase

The Master Key
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Oliver DeMille’s 2006 Salt Lake City TJEd Forum Keynote Address.

What is the core unit of society? Is it the corporation? The Individual? The Family?

In this 2-hour audio presentation, DeMille posits that:

  1. The family matters
  2. The battle is now
  3. Educational choices are the frontline in the battle

Therefore, leadership education can have a major impact on the future ideology, or core idea, which in turn shapes our society.

A clear vision of the principles of TJEd and the lessons of Depth Phase enables us to push on through the challenging process of leadership education.  We can articulate what we already feel.

Includes discussion of the Phases, Allegiance, the 7 Lessons of Depth Phase, and how to prepare ourselves and our children to be the Leaders they were born to be.

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2 hours

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