Homeschool Starter Pack from Leadership Education


Q: How does your [learning] garden grow?

A: Not by force -  nor by accident!

Perhaps silver bells and cockleshells worked for contrary Miss Mary, but master gardeners do not “make” their gardens grow. And yet it is clearly not by chance or accident that they succeed! They know the principles that govern their success, and they understand their role in the process.

Homeschool Starter Pack from Leadership Education

Prepare your heart, home and family for homeschool success!

When your garden isn’t doing well, you don’t immediately think that the plants are doing it all wrong and need fixing. You assume that they’ll thrive when you have the environment right! Leadership Education can help you get the environment right so that a natural love for learning and educational excellence are blooming brilliantly in your home and family.

The Homeschool Starter Pack from Leadership Education includes:

  1. How to Take Your Homeschool from Ordinary to Extraordinary (mp3, 29 min)
    In this short audio, Rachel briefly and lovingly shares how to get your new or existing homeschool on track /and/ have both academic excellence and harmony in the home. Sound impossible? It's not! Listen for yourself....

  2. The 5 Habits of Highly Successful Homeschoolers (PDF, 69 pp)

    Every homeschooling parent struggles with similar questions... [you won’t find the right curriculum; you don’t know enough; your kids won’t thrive; your relationships will suffer] And yet, some homeschoolers navigate these issues and have a great experience! What makes the difference? Can their experience translate to success for you? Yes! This beautifully illustrated e-book will show you the “secrets” of happy, successful, excellent homeschooling.

  3. What's So Great about the Classics: Homeschooling for Dads (mp3, 128 min)
    • The 3 Great Powers of Highly Successful Homeschool Dads

    This powerful message alone is extremely helpful to every father—don’t be without it! It will help you boost the education of your kids to a whole new level of success. Dads who know these 3 Powers operate at a much higher plane than before!

    • The 1 Big Thing That Makes all The Difference—in Less Than 1 Hour a Week

     Do you ever wonder if your kids are caught up or behind in their learning, or struggle with how the flexibility of homeschool is so different than structured grade levels and report cards of the public school system? This seminar bundle will help you know how to clarify when your kids or on track, and how to ensure that you’re doing the right things to help them stay there. This one great key makes all the difference to the quality of your kids’ education.

    • “But it Doesn’t Seem Like They’re Doing Anything!”

    How To Tell When Your Kids’ Education Is Flourishing, Even If It Doesn’t Look Like the Conveyor Belt (What to look for, how to know when a homeschool student is getting a great education or not.)

    • Dads as Heroes (and What to Do About It)
    • Goal-Getters and the Path of Success
    • 35 Reasons the Classics are the Best Curriculum for Education, Career, Finances, and Family
    • Help Your Kids Get a Truly Excellent Education, including in Math, Science, and Career Prep
    • What Your Kids Need to Truly Succeed Educationally/What Your Wife Needs to Truly Make it Work!

    When Dads know these 4 simple things, homeschools absolutely flourish!

    • Answer Your Real Questions About How a Great Homeschool Works and Dad’s Role in Making it a True Success
    • …and much more

  4. Introduction to the Phases of Learning/A Return to Simplicity (PDF, 29 pp)

    One of the most significant differences between Thomas Jefferson Education and other classical styles of education has to do with the belief that people, especially children, learn differently at different ages. Thus, there are different phases for learning certain lessons. When the The 7 Keys of Great Teaching are applied with the Phases in mind, it’s like hitting the sweet spot–-less muscle, greater outcomes!

  5. A Thomas Jefferson Education in our Home (PDF, 40 pp)

    This 40 page pdf download is rich in examples and anecdotes from Oliver and Rachel’s early days on the path of Leadership Education, and contains an extremely valuable Q&A section.


    • Introduction to the 7 Keys of Great Teaching by Oliver DeMille
    • Discussion of each individual phase
    • Family Reading
    • Projects for Learning
    • How to simplify your time and space
    • How to share your passion for learning with your children
    • …and much more!

This product kit contains e-books that are graphically rich and beautifully illustrated, and inspiring audios that speak to both the mother heart and the common concerns that dads have. The Homeschool Starter Pack contains practical and inspiring tips from master mentors to help you create your ideal homeschool!

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